Complete Tablet based Point of Sale for all industry!

  • Pizza Shop
    Pizza Shop
  • Retail Shops
    Retail Shops
  • Cinema
    Red seats in a theater and opera
  • Thanks to team zTabletPOS. After using zTabletPOS our business grows 200% faster. It looks as miracle. Got such a great business ideas after implimenting zTabletPOS in our Restaurant.

    John Carry
    Cafe Restaurant
  • We searched for a point of sale that has the most accurate inventory control system. zTabletPOS has proven to be reliable and user friendly. We shopped many different POS systems and chose zTabletPOS for all of the useful standard features that it offers. We are so pleased to have zTabletPOS as a part of our team!

    Peter Barber
    Clothing Ecommerce
  • Purchasing the zTabletPOS point of sale system was an excellent business decision. The one year of tech support was pretty wonderful as we were new to retail and encountered many interesting challenges…many of our own making. The zTabletPOS techs patiently took us through the steps to solution… no matter how long it took. Thank you zTabletPOS and all your terrific techs.

    Ruchita Khosla
    Ruchita Khosla
    Platters Food-court
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